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“MIM has been running highly effective Google Ad (formerly known as AdWords) campaigns since 2006. We work directly with Google on every campaign to maximize your results and help you grow your business.”

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Google Ads and will they help my business grow?

Google Ads is an online advertising service by Google that offers businesses a way to reach millions of individuals through search engine results pages and websites. It directly targets individuals searching for specific keywords, offers budget control, and data analytics to track performance and optimize campaigns. It allows for different ad formats like videos, images, and text ads that can be customized to fit campaign goals and brand.

Examples of Google Ads

Your business can be found above your competition!

Google ad manager kelowna bc
Google ad manager kelowna bc

Why hire a professional Google Ad agency?

Partnering with a professional Google Ads agency like MIM Marketing in Motion can help maximize the benefits of your ads. Their skilled PPC specialists focus on data-driven decisions to minimize costs and achieve business goals. MIM Marketing in Motion conducts regular research and optimization to ensure that your ads are placed in front of the right audience, with the right keywords and compelling ad copies, and properly designed landing pages. Hiring professionals takes the guesswork out of your campaigns, letting you focus on other aspects of your business. With experienced specialists, rest assured that your ads are always being improved while getting the best possible results for your budget and helping your business grow.

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