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Website Design Agency Vernon BC

We offer a custom 5-page WordPress website that is unique to your brand and stands out from competitors. Our team guarantees high-quality design and efficient functionality to meet your goals. These state of the art WordPress websites are included with your SAPPHIRE plan. 

Included 5 pg. website: 1.Home page 2Services, 3. About. 4. Contact page. 5. Staff Profiles

Included with SAPPHIRE is a data-driven, highly effective Google Ads program. We provide a complete setup, including market research, search terms, keywords, ad content, and competitor analysis. You will grow your business with this plan. 

Included: $200 in ads per month.

We provide with SAPPHIRE a fully optimized website that will rank well on Google. SEO from the ground up is built into each website we create. Our data-driven approach, along with a focus on helping your business grow, means that our SEO program will really benefit you.

Included: 2 sets of search terms. Locally targeted for your business and location.

We understand that social media marketing is essential for your business. Our SAPPHIRE plan includes social media marketing services. We prioritize creating informative and engaging content to attract new customers to help you grow your business.

Included: 1 promoted post per week on Facebook, Instagram. $100 spent on your social media ads per month.


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